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Preparing a horse for shows is not only about muscle building and teaching them to stand in a perfect position. Arabian Fantasie Stud believes it is primarily about team building. For this reason, we ask people to bring their horses at least one month before the actual show takes place. During this month the horse goes through a training programme of groundwork, work under the saddle where possible, and long walks through the vast woods that surround our stud. It is only by spending plenty of time with each individual horse that the handler is able to establish a bond of trust and friendship, which we feel is absolutely essential in order to win in major classes that have many entries. This is why we only show horses that are brought to us well in time.

Occasionally we will help an owner and show his horse without the preparation we consider necessary. However, we only do this when the horse has been trained by us at an earlier stage. We are only willing to handle horses we have never seen before at regional shows.

Not all horses are suitable for a show career, that's why we are happy to offer you trial training to find out whether your horse is be able to cope with everything it entails. We believe in honesty, so if we have the slightest doubts about your horse, we will discuss them with you. Please note that various shows require various qualities: your horse may well be suited to a regional or national show, but not necessarily to an international competition, which can, after all, be very trying. After a trial training we consider all the options before continuing the preparations.

Preparing a horse properly for a show requires at least a month. During this month your horse will not only be trained, but it will also be groomed, clipped if necessary, washed thoroughly the day before the show, and we will also take care of the make-up before entering the ring. Naturally we can provide a smart show halter if you don't yet have your own. When your horse returns to your stable, he will have been well trained and experienced in a gentle, horse-friendly manner. The pleasure and satisfaction of both horse and owner are of utmost importance to our team!

Abigail & team

Trainer/handler Benjamin Kooiker






2015 showcalendar 


Arabian Future 2014 showcalendar


  • 3-4/5  int. B Tulip Cup, Deurne (NL)
  • 18/5  AVS Amateur, Houten (NL)
  • 25/5  int. B Orientallica Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 14-15/6  C.Nat & C int. Arabian Horse Weekend, Sint Oedenrode (NL)
  • 21-22/6  int. A Menton (France)
  • 5-6/7  int.B, Emerald Trophy Brecht (Belgium)
  • 12-13/7  int.B Arabian Horse days Strohen (Germany)
  • 2-3/8  int. B West Coast Cup , Koksijde (Belgium) OR  2-3/8  int. B Kauber Platte, Kaub (Germany)
  • 13-14/9  C. Int. Arabische Pferde , Salzkotten (Germany)
  • 27-28/9  Title All Nations Cup, Aachen (Germany)
  • 25-26/10  European championships ,Sentower Park (Belgium)
  • 21-22/11  C. nat, Doha (Qatar)

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