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Anthal *Elite

1984 May 20 - 2011 August 22

 Anthal winnaar Waho trophy 2008

How difficult it is to talk about the great loss of our dear friend, I still want to skies my heart. Anthal Dutch pride and the foundation of our company Arabian Fantasie past away. He was the epitome of a dream, our dream horse, he made all our dreams come true. Anthal was loved by many, and it comforts us that we might enjoy him for 24 years, he has always given everything. And has never been sick a single day. Tonight we had to say goodbye completely unexpectedly, our beloved friend Anthal, he died at the age of 27 from colic.

The tears won't stop flowing, it is as if each tear is trying to fill the hole in my heart. The barn is so very quiet. Your stall is empty. The light of your presence is no longer. If ever there was a time I needed your head resting on my shoulder, nuzzling me so gently, it is now. The hurt is huge. Where are you my friend? When I awaken from this awful nightmare, please be in your stall as you have been every morning, welcoming me with your calls. Hang you head out the door let me know everything is fine. Please let me lead you to your paddock, let me brush the shavings from your mane. I know these are now just memories. Memories of a dear, dear friend. I won't say goodbye, just "Goodnight my sweetest friend".

Rest in peace Anthal, what are we gone do without you were always there , it is impossible to imagine a life without you, "Thally man" in our hearts you will always be there.