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The pure bred Arabian horse is our passion. I made my childhood dreams to a reality,
Arabian Future since many years a respected concept, enjoying a worldwide reputation.
A.F. the initial results from the first two letters of the name of the founder.



A beautiful driveway leads to the complex of Arabian Future in the Netherlands, the breeding farm, training stables and stud of Abigail F.Ligthert. From a young age, Abigail were attracted by the Arabian Purebred. The love for the race is in her blood, as it were. 

Anthal 1st place EC 1992The whole story of Anthal is unique. Abigail F. Ligthert: “It was always my dream as a little girl to own an Arabian Purebred some day”. When she saw Anthal, it was literally love at first sight. This son of Komplekt was bought in 1988 at the auction of Liberty Arabians, the largest stud in Europe at that time. Since the age of eight, Abigail has been a committed rider; she achieved the highest level in show jumping as well as dressage. In the first years, Abigail introduced Anthal successfully to the competition sport. When Komplekt died at the beginning of 1991, she hit upon the idea of taking Anthal to the Dutch Stallion Licensing Show, as a sort of tribute. For Abigail, also a huge fan of Komplekt, only one person could be the one to show Anthal: the trainer of Komplekt. So she took Anthal and he was immediately enthusiastic. During his first presentation in the show ring, the Dutch Stallion Licensing Show of 1991, an astonishing result was achieved from the start. The imposing stallion Anthal won his class and was awarded with a ‘First’ , also called, ‘Gold’ Premium, the highest possible result. Next, Anthal was declared the best Dutch bred horse to be inspected for the first time.During the following years, the likewise First Premium stallions Pasch Vacan and Milak AA successfully reinforced the breeding program.

In 1992, this ambitious pair decided to continue as a team. From that time, Chris and Abigail, along with Anthal, were an inseparable and happy trio. Suitable accommodation was found in Deurningen, in the province of Overijssel. At this location, the basis was laid for their ultimately successful stud, set up along Russian lines. The mare Mu Yetla turned out to be a ‘golden cross’ in combination with Anthal. In 1994, their first born foal, A.F. Kylian, obtained the title of Foal Champion for this stud just starting up. Over the years, Anthal won various important titles, such as Champion and Best in Show during the international A-show in Denmark. He was also twice winner in his class during the European Championships. In addition, he was declared Champion and even Supreme Champion of the Netherlands. Partly due to these successes, Arabian Future, the newly founded stud and training stable, was assured of a good start. A few years later, A.F. Kylian was licensed as a stallion and sold to Germany. His full sister, A.F. Gracia, was Show Champion several times and sold to Kuwait in 2008. The now 27 year-old ancestress Mu Yetla has fulfilled her important role within the Arabian Future breeding programme and is at present enjoying her well-earned retirement.

Chris and Nader champ. stallion QatarIn 1995, the first invitations from the Middle East were received to go there twice a year to train horses for the Qatar Arabian Horse Show. Each time, it was a wonderful occasion, and we have enjoyed travelling to Qatar during many years.

After four years, the accommodation in Deurningen became too small for the steadily expanding company, so the couple went in search for a larger accommodation with more potential. They found a suitable object in 1997 with their present location at Rijssen, also in Overijssel, located in the heart of the beautiful Schwarzwald forest. Here, they have a complex at their disposal with 32 spacious box stables, 2 loose barns, various paddocks, a riding hall and an outdoor riding paddock, and 4 hectares of pastures. A great added bonus is that you can ride into the forest straight from the premises. As a change from the training which makes up a large part of the day, and for relaxation, we like to take the horses into the forest for a ride or a walk.

Chris & AbigailLooking back over the past years, the conclusion can be reached that Arabian Future has accounted for the vast majority of horses participating in many regional and national shows. In all those years, the number of horses that they have trained and handled is considerable. The many countless wonderful moments with these unique horses are never to be forgotten. We cherish an extremely fond memory of the stallion Komplekt, whose movements were legendary; and a stallion as stately as a king. That horse could trot so wonderfully, impressing every horse lover. It was always special to be able to work with him. After the death of Komplekt, a unique bonding was created with his Elite son Anthal, who equalled his charisma, character and movements. Everyone could count themselves lucky to have had such extraordinary horses and all those memorable moments in their lives.

Arabian Future owns several stallions, at one time as many as three of the four Elite stallions that the Netherlands is proud to have. Anthal, Aparan as well as Kubay Khan were awarded this prestigious predicate because of their huge positive impact on the Dutch Arabian breeding programme. Aparan was recently sold to Denmark to continue his career there at stud. Furthermore, the crowning glory for Anthal was, in 2008, the WAHO trophy, awarded by the World Arabian Horse Organisation: a special prize set up for the horse that achieves the most for a country’s stud book.

Although Anthal had been retired from stud service a few years before, he still remained prominently present at Arabian Future and his 25th birthday was a great event.  On 22 August 2011, completely unexpectedly and with immense sorrow, Arabian Future had to say goodbye to their greatest pride and love, Anthal, who died from an acute bout of colic. Anthal reached the age of 27, and spent 24 of those years with Abigail.

Arabian Future has an average of fifteen breeding mares in their stock and on average they are proud to welcome ten foals into the world each year. Some of their very first mares, who are now enjoying a well deserved retirement, complete the picture at the stables of Arabian Future. Over the years, Arabian Future has grown to become one of the leading studs of the Netherlands at present. A real all-round business when it comes to the Arabian Purebred. The stud Arabian Future has specialized in the Russian bloodlines on which their breeding programme is based.With various purchases and leases, new lines are added to their stock and carefully maintained. Over the years, Arabian Future was able to use several guest stallions successfully. To begin with Kubay Khan, followed by Mir Khan, and from stud Sax Arabians the stallions Nadir I and Massimo ibn Mirokan. In the 2012 season, in lease from breeder Sprave Arabians in Germany, the Goldene Schleife stallion BS Mashallah.

The stud Arabian Future meanwhile enjoys worldwide fame. Their breeding products do well at the national and international top. Among other achievements, the A.F. Umoyo daughters are doing very well in Kuwait. For example, in 2008 A.F. Avanya was declared National Foal Champion of Kuwait; and in 2011 A.F. Bayuma became second in a group of as many as 15 participants in the National Championships of Kuwait. As a matter of fact, AF offspring have also been exported to countries including Iran, Egypt, Israel, China, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, and Belgium, and have produced results in many disciplines like breeding, sport and show.

Since the early 1980s, Abigail F. Ligthert has been passionate about the Arabian Purebred. With Arabian Fantasie, she is been able to realize her childhood dreams and turn this into a respected concept. This year, Arabian Future is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and of course Abigail hope to be able to share her passion and vision with many enthusiasts for a number of years to come.

   Abigail F.Ligthert with Elite stallion Anthal -winner WAHO Trophy 2008