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National Championships Kuwait 2011

National Championships Kuwait 2011; A.F.Bayuma (A.F.Umoyo x A.F.Baya x Kubay Khan) 2nd place (out of 15) and L.A.Veronique (Papillon x Veruska Monpelou x Duval) 3rd place (out of 14)! Breeder Lippert Arabians thanks for your trust. In this same class became A.F.Paloma (Papillon x Polynia x Naftalin) the 11th place.

In total 44 two years old fillies split in three classes, and only four with a minimum higher score as A.F.Bayuma, we are such a proud breeder!!! Congratulations to their new owner ABDULLAH SALEM AL SEDRAWI, Kuwait.

Photo:  ©

A.F.Bayuma (A.F.Umoyo x A.F.Baya x Kubay Khan)

Photo:  ©

L.A.Veronique (Papillon x Verushka Monpelou x Duval)


A.F.Paloma (Papillon x Polynia x Naftalin) 

Photos as foal by Reindert Jansen