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 National AVS C-Show Raalte 2010


On our way to Raalte
Arrival in Raalte


Veruska Monpelou on the car
The Stables


AF promotion angle
The boxes Arabian Fantasie


The cozy evening BBQ in Raalte
The AF Party camp in Raalte


AF promotion panel (A. F. Umoyo )
AF Team with overloaded trophy table and proud owners


National AVS C-Show Raalte 2010

For the second year was Saturday, August 14 on ridingclub De Hogeweg at Raalte the last National AVS C-show from 2010 organized by the Groeneveld family. Everything was top notch again provided with luxurious booths, promotional panels on various sponsors and farms, beautiful decoration of the show arena in the middle of a life-size bronze sculpture foal and VIP areas. For the category winners and champions were beautiful bronze sculptures of UK artist -sponsored by Arabian Fantasie and Double B Arabians . The entire property radiated a professional atmosphere and cosiness . In short, a national show of international renown.
With 34 horses, we went Friday afternoon with the entire caravan from Rijsssen towards Raalte again for participating in the latest national C -show this year . In the evening, there was for the already existing horseowners and visitors a BBQ planned. This year, Lippert Arabians ensure the meat and salads, there was enough for a whole orphanage, so we could Saturday night at the AF afterparty in Rijssen with the whole team once again enjoy a delicious BBQ and pleasant evening .
Saturday morning we start with the beautiful section one year old mares . The second place was for the elegant and remarkably well-moving brown A.F.Majesta (MM Sultan) owned by RIH Arabians . She lost by one point from the typical Marwan`s Valentine. At the end of the afternoon was A.F.Majesta received a special prize for the best moving horse of the entire show (score 19-20 -19), an accomplishment for such a young filly to stay ahead.
In subsequent yearling colts, AFMojitoh ( AFUmoyo ) made its entry in the show ring, confident and proud presented this elegant young colt has resulted in winning his class and later the Bronze medal champion title of junior colts . The very appealing and easy moving grey Rasheem VH (Papillon) were second. Third in this class AR Salar Ibn Valerio.
Section two years-old mares had a small but relatively heavy group. First place went to the beautiful brown Marajj daughter Piarella , she became later awarded a Gold medal champion. The refined and luxurious dark-colored Badi`ah VS (A.F.Barahbay) was placed second in the championship she became Bronze Medal Champion title back home .
The sections two and three years old colts were merged resulting in a substantial section arose. With an exceptionally high score by taking even an 20 on body and topline, the impressive BB Escondhio wins. The last months, This big colt has developed very positively in the championship he received the Gold medal champion title for his proud owners and Frans and Femke. A nice third place was this time for the wonderful and typical colt A.F.Khaory (A.F.Umoyo) and the correctly built A.F.Zanzibar (MM Sultan ) was fourth in his class.
The two three years old participants were matched to each other. The coupling resort went to the gray mare Dahra Murana LVD, followed by the good moving filly Rania (Massimo Ibn Mirokan) and somewhat nervous despite her first appearance in the show ring she presented gracefully. In the championship which Dahra Murana was absent Rania moved to the top place.
The geldings class was won by King of Darkness (Nadir I) a solidly built a very impressive horse with strong movements. He won the Gold Medal Champion title. 
The afternoon started with a donkey race, Dik Trom took the kickoff, but apparently he was unlearns to ride the donkey backwards, because after a few steps he ended in a forward roll towards the ground. It was a hilarious scene and the main visitors enjoyed .
Then followed the most pathetic classes of the show, namely the foals. Many breeders proudly shown their future prospects. The typical, elegant and showy colt A.F.Patriot (Papillon) is placed Silver medal Champion behind the gold medal champion Forelocks -Le Chameur. The fourth place in this well-stocked section was there for the beautiful pearl A.F.Gyöngyi Junius ( AFUmoyo ) these days he also changed hands.
In the big class filliesfoals was Forelocks - Yessy the winner and became the Gold Medal Champion title followed by the gorgeous grey filly A.F.Purisima (Papillon) she took the title Silver medal champion for her new owners also newcomers to the " Arab World " back home. The bronze medal champion went to the luxury Vestival daughther Langani.O. The Liberty class was won by the multiple show champion mare Karona. The three years old newcomer Korazon (Aparan) scores the Bronze medal champion title.
The many application senior mares made that there are three beautiful seniorclasses could be issued. In the first section four and five years old mares was the chic Lima Juny (Vestival) This fabulous mare exceeds during this show also a first premium. Later that day she was also named bronze medal champion. In section six to eight years old mares presented the elegant A.F.Karimah (Aparan) with much grace (scores 20 points with movements )resulting in a closs second place behind the eventual Gold medal champion Psybrina (Psymadre). Third in this category was the beautiful grey horse AHN Kyllayah, these day she awarded the first premium. The solid chestnut mare RIH -Saniyya placed fourth. In 9 years and older mares was the Silver medal champion title for the brown La Brunette. Second place was here for the strikingly moving grey mare Nadra .
Another item to go the senior stallions. Unfortunately not many participants. The very appealing and inexperienced 14 year old grey stallion A.F.Kompleet ( Anthal) the surprise of many made a good competition and lost with only a few points from the nine years younger and more experienced show winner AV Montoya (WH Justice) , this unique chestnut is leased from England and recovered well from his injury which resulted in the title Gold medal champion and Best in Show. The silver medal champion title went to A.F.Kompleet and the Bronze Medal Champion  goes to El - Fuego -Joy .
A beautiful end of a busy and successful showday with winning 2 times Gold, 3 times Silver, 6 times Bronze and best moving horse. Everything was going smoothly conducted the AF team. An impossible job to do without any help. We look back on a fantastic event made possible by the strong commitment of the organization and support of many sponsors and volunteers. An event to be proud of, hopefully we can achieve this is all again next year. See you in Raalte 2011 !
Photos courtesy of;
Ellen de Man
PIM and Reindert
Medal winners Nat . C -show Raalte;
Junior Gold fillies : Piarella
Silver junior fillies : Marwan 's Valentine
* Junior Bronze fillis : Badi'ah VS
* Gold Junior colts : B.B. Escondhio
Silver Junior colts : Yokidoki 'F '
* Bronze Junior colts : A.F.Mojitoh
* Gold Geldings : King of Darkness
Silver Geldings : Psymali PKA
* Bronze Geldings : Habib`s Amir
Senior Gold mares : Psybrina
Silver Senior mares : La Brunette
* Senior Bronze mares : Lima Juny
Gold Senior stallions : AV Montoya
* Senior stallions Silver : A.F.Kompleet
Senior stallions Bronze : El Fuego Joy
Gold Colts : Forelocks Le -Chameur
* Silver Colts : A.F.Patriot
Bronze Colts : Forelocks - Yaguar
Gold fillies foals : Forelocks - Yessy
* Silver fillies foals : A. F. Purisima
* Bronze Mare filly foals : Langani . O.
Liberty Winner : Karona
Winner Saddle Category : Younique 'F '
* Best moving horse : A.F.Majesta
* = These horses are trained/handled by Chris van Schalkwijk ( Arabian Fantasie)
For the handlers were in the ring a towel with name to take and refreshing bottled water.
  The bronze sculpture trophies for all category winners and champions were sponsored by Arabian Fantasy and Double B Arabians .


A. F. Majesta (MM Sultan)
2nd place and best moving horse
  Qwestura.O . (A. F.Umoyo)
4th place


A.F.Papaya (Papillon)
  Habib`s Umoya (A.F.Umoyo)


A.F. Mojitoh (A.F.Umoyo )
1st place and Bronze Medal Champion
  A.F.Mojitoh (A.F.Umoyo x A.F.Karimah)


Rasheem VH (Papillon)
2nd place
Salim PKA (A.F.Cupido)
4rd place


Badi`ah VS (A.F.Barahbay)
2nd place and Bronze medal champion
BB Escondhio (Amalfi)
1st place and Gold medal champion


A.F.Khaory (A.F.Umoyo x A.F.Karimah)
3rd place
  A.F. Zanzibar (MM Sultan x A.F.Nadjira)
4rd place


Rania (Massimo Ibn Mirokan)
2nd place
  King of Darkness (Nadir I)
Gold medal champion


Donkey race
  Dik Trom tipped during the donkey race


rechts A.F.Patriot (Papillon x A.F.Karimah)
Silver medal champion
  A.F.Gyongyi Junius (A.F.Umoyo x Lima Juny)
4rd place


Daya Al Din (KAS Valdes x A.F.Antha)
5th place
  Korazon (Aparan)
Bronze medal champion Liberty


A.F.Purisima (Papillon x Polynia)
Silver medal champion
Langani.O. (Vestival x Ghaniyah)
Bronze Medal champion


A.F.Arcadia (MM Sultan x Othmars Arouba)
Habib`s Sultania (MM Sultan)


Lima Juny (Vestival)
First place, bronze medal Champion and first premium
Othmar`s Arouba (Mir Khan)


AHN Khyllyah (Tempter)
Third place and first premium
A.F.Karimah (Aparan x YA Karma)
2nd place


Nadra (Veteran)
2nd place


A.F.Kompleet (Anthal X Kreona)
Silver medal champion
A.F.Kompleet (Anthal x Kreona)


After party (BBQ) at AF place in Rijssen
After party at AF place in Rijssen