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A.F. Paranik allround champion 2010
The Danish rider Lise Frandsen , Best riding combination Aachen 2009,  purchased AF Paranik (Aparan * Elite x Palanika ) as a yearling, for a potential successor to  international dressage horse Fair Orkan which Lise compete at the highest level of dressage.
During the weekend of July the 17th and 18th  made the new combination during the international event Middelfart Denmark DASH their entrance into the dressage ring . In the dressage scored this auspicious combination four times all over 65 % . In the showring AF Paranik got the second place to secure the placement in conjunction with the dressage resulted in the all-round championship for Lise and her new talent A.F. Paranik.
Here is a picture special thanks to Jani Pedersen.