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Regional Show Sint Oedenrode

This year's first regional show of the Dutch Arabian Horse Society (AVS) took place at De Pijnhof Riding School in the southern city of Sint Oedenrode on June 25. The setting was nice and spacious and embellished with various stalls and attractions in a country fair style.

The show was to start 9.30 am; unfortunately, one of the members of the jury had not yet arrived. Nevertheless, the show must go on and so it began with two judges instead of three judging a lovely group of filly foals. Ashanti (Alkan x AF Shari), owned by the Vodde family, took the lead, thanks to her great movements. The more typey MM Sultan- daughter Sultasza, owned by Brouwer Arabians, placed second.

La-Luna “F”, owned by Forelocks Arabians ended third. So Ashanti took home the title Champion Filly Foal, whereas Sultasza carried home the title of Reserve Champion. Both winning foals were handled by Chris.

In the next class the geldings were presented. The impressive, tall Anthal-son Aquileja, reaching well over 16 hands, won this class with flying colours. The more elegant Mir Cyran (Mir Khan x AF Camee) ended second. This meant another double for the Arabian Fantasie show team.

Two Arabian Fantasie colts took home the highest honour in the colt foal class. The five weeks old, perky A.F.Parcival (Vestival x Ghaniyah) took hold of the Champion title, closely followed by the very chic, dark bay A.F.Kamaraj (Massimo Ibn Mirokan x YA Karma).

His new owner, Mr Finnema, proudly received the Reserve Champion rosette and cup. Again one of Forelock's Arabians' foals, Le-Quint “F”, placed third in this class.

The trend was set and in the yearling filly class the beautiful A.F.Escada (Nadir I x Palotasza), owned by Mireille Baas, won in style. Ysabella “F”, owned by the Stoop family - one of the show's organizers - came second in this very large class. Again a third place for Forelock's Arabians, this time with their Yubilea “F”.

Arabian Fantasie saw one of their progeny, the Nadir I-son A.F.Umoyo win the yearling colt class. Only three weeks ago, this very mature looking and typey colt achieved second place at the international B-show in Dillenburg (Germany) in a very large group of international competitors, thanks to his flashy and showy looks. Second at the Oedenrode Show in this promising young colts' class was LHT Moreno, owned by the combination M.Verhey/A.Heens. And guess what? Again a third place for Forelock's Arabians, this time their Lavinsky “F” taking the credit.

Both A.F.Escada and A.F.Umoyo were made Reserve Champions later that day. All in all, the first five classes of the show resulted in five sweet victories for the Arabian Fantasie team.

Unfortunately, the two and three year old filly class saw only a few competitors; winner was the American bred BB Jhadenz, owned by BB Arabians. Runner-up was Aisha Monpelou (v.Mir Khan), now owned by the Belgium E. Vissers. At the end of the day it was BB Jhadenz who took home the Junior Champion's title.

Piper 10 BB was the only contender in the two-year old colts' class and, as a consequence, easily took hold of the orange rosette. In the end his quality really showed when he was made Junior Male Champion.

The class of the three year old colts brought, once again, a victory for Arabian Fantasie. A.F.Esquire (Mir Khan x Palotasza QQ), who has a great head & neck and showed plenty of movement, placed first. He is owned by R.Poolen. Sha Bajko, (by Lazio), owned by Jane Fraser Brown, ended second.

During the midday break there was finally time for the premium assessment, for which Arabian Fantasie presented 2 mares, both daughters from the First premium and Star mare Palotasza QQ, and a gelding. The oldest mare, Kutasza (by Kubay Khan) received a Second Premium and the youngest, Mirtasza (by Mir Khan) was upgraded and received a well-deserved First premium; she is the mother of Sultasza (by MM Sultan), who took a Reserve Championship earlier that day. Aquileja (by Anthal), was granted the First premium easily. As of now he may call himself a First premium Champion gelding!

In the class 4/9 year old mares Onno Dopper's lovely Amerika won the class, immediately followed by Ya Bask Anastasia, who had the same amount of points. Ya Bask Anastasia is owned by Nicole Harmsen.

Two Monitor daughters placed first and second in the 10+ mare class. They are both bred and owned by veterinarian Nico Dijkshoorn. First was the gorgeous grey mare Monitra and second, her fair chestnut coloured half sister Monitraisse.
At the end of the day Monitra was not only acclaimed Senior Champion Mare, but also Best of Show.

Al Ahmar (Kubay Khan x Langani) – co-bred by Rih Arabians and Arabian Fantasie – placed second in the Senior stallion  class and was subsequently asked to step forward in order to compete for the Reserve Champion title. And although we did not enter a senior stallion ourselves, the Arabian Fantasie honour was held high when Al Ahmar was made Reserve Senior Male Champion. The Spanish bred all-round Lobeke was made Senior Male Champion. 

All in all, we can indeed look back to a very successful show: 9 out of 14 titles were won by our own horses, our horse's progeny or horses trained by the Arabian Fantasie show team.

The total results are:
Champion Filly Foals
Ashanti (Alkan X AF Shari) *                         
Res. Champion Filly Foals
Sultasza (MM Sultan x Mirtasza) *
Champion Geldings
Aquileja (Anthal x Rigilya) *                        
Res. Champion Geldings
Mir Cyran (Mir Khan x AF Camee) *                     
Champion Colt Foals
A.F. Parcival (Vestival x Ghaniyah) *            
Res. Champion Colt Foals
A.F. Kamaraj (Massimo Ibn Mirokan x YA Karma) *                 
Champion Junior Fillies
BB Jhadenz (Enzo x FA Jada)
Res. Champion Junior Fillies
A.F. Escada (Nadir I x Palotasza QQ) *
Champion Junior Colts
Piper 10 BB (Hlayyil Ramadan x Plakat`s Gift)
Res. Champion Junior Colts
A.F. Umoyo (Nadir I x Mirkana) *
Champion Senior Mares
Monitra (Monitor x Pasch Falluka)
Res. Champion Senior Mares
Amerika (Madiar x Artemida)
Champion Senior Stallions
Lobeke (Fiolek x Eleskirt)                           
Res. Champion Senior Stallions
Al Ahmar (Kubay Khan x Langani)
Best in show
Monitra (Monitor x Pasch Falluka)
Filly Foals (2 judges);
1)      * Ashanti (Alkan x AF Shari) 169 pnt
2)      * Sultasza (MM Sultan x Mirtasza) 168 pnt
3)      La Luna F ( Vivaldi F x Lanizjka) 168 pnt
Geldings (2 judges);
1)      * Aquileja (Anthal x Rigilya) 170 pnt
2)      * Mir Cyran (Mir Kkan x AF Camee) 166 pnt
3)      Arvak ( Primo x Arlova) 163 pnt
Colt Foals (2 Judges);
1)      * A.F.Parcival (Vestival x Ghaniyah) 175 pnt
2)      * A.F.Kamaraj (Massimo Ibn Mirokan x YA Karma) 173 pnt
3)      Le Quint F (SA Movin Star x La Brunette) 171 pnt
Yearling Fillies (from here on 3 judges!);
1)      * A.F.Escada (Nadir I x Palotasza QQ) 261 pnt
2)      Ysabella F (Almonito x Yosraya) 260 pnt
3)      Yubilea F (SA Movin Star x Yafit) 258 pnt
Yearling Colts;
1)      * A.F.Umoyo (Nadir I x Mirkana) 260 pnt
2)      LHT Moreno (Marcipan x Maiga) 257 pnt
3)      Lavinsky F (SA Movin Star x Lanizjka) 256 pnt
2 and 3 years old Fillies;
1)      BB Jhadenz (Enzo x FA Jada) 263 pnt
2)      * Aisha Monpelou (Mir khan x Veruska Monpelou) 255 pnt
3)      Imani (Maskarad x Demonstracia) 249 pnt
2 years old Colts;
1)      Piper 10 BB (Hlayyil Ramadan x Plakat`s Gift) 266pnt
3 years old Colts;
1)      * A.F.Esquire (Mir Khan x Palotasza QQ) 258 pnt
2)      Sha Bajko (Lazio x Palalajka ) 258 pnt
3)      * Sa`doen (Balasjow x Lucky Pandora) 244 pnt
4-9 years old Mares;
1)      Amerika (Madiar x Artemida) 264 pnt
2)      YA Bask Anastasia (Imars Bask Clasix x Markitanka) 264 pnt
3)      * Mirtasza (Mir Khan x Palotasza QQ) 258 pnt
10+ years old Mares;
1)      Monitra (Monitor x Pasch Falluka) 265 pnt
2)      Monitraisse (Monitor x WH Farewell) 262 pnt
3)      Hamda (Alegro x Harpia) 261 pnt
4+ years old Stallions;
1)      Lobeke (Fiolek x Eleskirt) 265 pnt
2)      Al Ahmar (Kubay Khan x Langani) 261 pnt
3)      Najm (Shamek al Shaqab x Simeon Shas) 260 pnt
 * = horses trained/showed by Chris van Schalkwijk (Arabian Fantasie)  
Photos with many thanks to Reindert Jansen