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Our broodmares 

Mare Lease Program: Next year Arabian Fantasie offers on a limited scale a lease opportunity. This is the solution for enthusiasts Arabian horse lovers who do not own a mare or breeders who are looking for a new interesting bloodline but currently not able to buy a new mare. For those who do not have a suitable accommodation to place a pregnant mare, but love to breed his own foal, then this the perfect solution ! This lease option allows everyone to breed a foal out of proven broodmares with a predominantly and /or pure Russian bloodline.





Keur / Preferent/ ELITE
CA clear
Sire: Abakan (s. Balaton)
Dam: Adina (ds. Andoy)
Born: 1995
Color: Chestnut


Wushika Monpelou

CA clear
Sire: Duval (s. Vympel)
Damr: De Monpelou's Berseba (ds.Purper)
Born: 1999
Color: Black

2017 IFT: Kubay Khan
Leased out to Claudia Kaul

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A.F. Baya

1st premium / Star / Keur
CA clear
Sire: Kubay Khan (s. Kubinec)
Dam: YA Karma (ds. Karnaval)
Born: 2000
Color: Bay

2017 IFT A.F. Umoyo




1st premium / Star / Keur / Preferent / ELITE
CA clear
Sire: Mir Khan (v. Mirok Monpelou)
Dam: Palotasza QQ (ds.Kosmonaut)
Born: 2003
Color: Bay

2017 IFT: A.F. Umoyo


A.F. Karimah

1st premium / Star
CA clear
Sire: Aparan (s. Desant)
Dam: YA Karma (ds.Karnaval)
Born: 2003
Color: Bay

2017 IFT: A.F. Umoyo




CA vrij
Vader: M.M. Sultan (v. Kubay Khan)
Moeder: Mirtasza (vm. Mir Khan)
Geboren: 2006
Kleur: Bruin


Drachtig 2017: A.F. Umoyo


A.F. Nindjini

CA vrij
Vader: Duval (v. Vympel)
Moeder: A.F. Nadjira (vm. Nadir I)
Geboren: 2013
Kleur: Bruin


Drachtig 2017: Kubay Khan





A.F. Purity

Sire: A.F. Umoyo (s. Nadir I)
Dam: Polynia (ds. Naftalin)
Born: 2011
Color: Grey

2017 IFT: Kais





A.F. Astraea

Sire: Papillon (s. Neman)
Dam: Atalante (ds. Abakan)
Born: 2014
Color: Grey



A.F. Zsay Sza

Sire: A.F. Umoyo (s. Nadir I)
Dam: Sultasza (ds. MM Sultan)
Born: 2016
Color: Dark Chestnut